Welcome to my own adventure

It was the very first lockdown. That night, when I came back home, after walking my dog outside, I picked up the phone and immediately called my dad.

M-Pà, I have the new name for my business: Sicani En Soul!

P- Sicani…And…Soul – he said.

M- No, wait. It sounds like AND, but it’s written as EN, it’s French. It’s like a pun. If you read it, you get it’s Sicani in the Soul, but if you say it, it sounds like Sicani And Soul. I want to focus on the emotions. After years and years, you remember a place because of the feelings related to that place you visited. And the strongest those feelings are, much deeper it is the sign that place left, as the emotions you have felt are so strong that it makes the strings of your soul vibe. It is the emotions that I want to focus on, those emotions that make those strings vibe.

P- Bello! – His answer was. The most beautiful and heartfelt “bello!” I’ve ever heard and I will always keep it with me, in my own soul.

I am Marco Vetrano, the founder of Sicani En Soul.

By the end of 2018, I launched my project for experiential tourism and local development focused in Sicily and especially the Sicani area, where I was born and grew up.

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